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Jam Music Tuition offers quality, fun and modern guitar, drum and keyboard lessons in schools around Lincolnshire.  We arrange the lessons with the parents and payments are collected by us, so no admin or expense is needed from the school.

These are a great success in the other schools we teach at, the students love learning these amazing instruments and they regularly perform at their schools in assemblies and concerts. We teach modern and classic songs that the children love playing and we also work towards their grades; one of our students was the youngest grade 8 rock guitarist in the world!

We teach in and around the Lincoln/Nottinghamshire area, including Orchards School, Birchwood Primary School, The Holt Primary School, St John's Primary Academy, St Lawrence Primary School, St Michaels Primary School, Pollyplatt Primary School, Eagle Primary School, Metheringham Primary and Sturton-by-Stow Primary School

Lessons are 20 mins taken during the school day, these can be one-to-one which are £8, or shared which are £4.  Payments are made by parents for each half-term in full at the beginning of term.  An instrument isn't needed at first, spare ones will be provided in the lessons.

With regards to drums, space and noise can often be an issue, so our tutors use small electric kits, which are very quiet.

If this is something your school may be interested in, please get in touch and I could arrange to pop in for a chat about it.

It would be great to arrange a rocking assembly to showcase these great instruments and see how many children would be interested in starting lessons at your school.

Usually, after doing an assembly, we hand out enquiry letters for the children to take home, then parents can have a read about it and if they'd like to sign their child up, they fill in the details. Once we've collected all the slips, we'll arrange the best days and times to come in with you.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Dan Clark

Jam Music Tuition

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